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Milgard Window & Door Products

Milgard is one of the largest and most trusted names in home windows and patio doors. Manufactured right here in Tualatin, OR, all of Milgard’s products come with a full lifetime warranty that leaves you with peace of mind, knowing that your windows and doors will uphold their quality for years to come. With over 50 years manufacturing experience, Milgard is a brand that you can trust.

Milgard Vinyl Windows and Doors

Milgard Style Line® Series
Matching durability with affordability, Milgard’s Style Line® series offers a contemporary design at a very accessible price. The slimmer frame means more glass and lets more natural light into the house, resulting in a sleek and room expanding look.
Milgard Montecito® Series
The wider framed profiles of Milgard’s Montecito® series mimics that of a traditional wood window and door, resulting in an elegant style that matches many architectural types. These low maintenance products come in 11 different color options and have high durability and energy efficiency ratings.
Milgard Tuscany® Series
Adding on to the already outstanding Montecito® series, the Tuscany® series takes the wider framed windows and doors and adds Milgard’s Glass Breakage Warranty, SmartTouch® lock, and its functional accessory package. These added benefits ensure safety and reliability unlike any other.

Milgard Wood Windows and Doors

Milgard Essence® Series
Combining the best of both worlds, Milgard’s Essence® series takes all of the beauty of a wood interior and pairs it with the durability of a fiberglass exterior. The natural, solid wood interior accents the inside of any home perfectly, while the strong fiberglass exterior protects from all of the elements that the Pacific Northwest can throw at us. All Essence® windows and doors come with Milgard’s Glass Breakage Warranty.

Milgard Fiberglass Windows and Doors

Milgard Ultra™ Series
Milgard’s fully fiberglass windows and doors offer durability that wont swell, rot, or warp on either the interior or exterior. The beautiful and customizable fiberglass creates a contemporary look that is built to last with minimal maintenance.
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